minoRobscuR_B-TH minoRobscuR_B-TH /
bvr027 / slr056

bethmoora - thresholds
lp, silver lim.150/blue splatter lim.150

        *sludge* involved labels: sludgelord records black voodoo records

minoRobscuR_H minoRobscuR_H /

psychoneurosis / herida profunda /
sufferingquota - in fear we trust
single sided 12inch, etched
black lim.200 / transparent lim.200

       *grindcore involved labels:

no humano records eatshitbuydie distro black omega recordings ancient temple records 7 degrees records

minoRobscuR_A minoRobscuR_A /

agathocles / cum sock - split
7inch, lim.500

audio (mp3):

agathocles: a6_demons in my head, a8_black goat
cum sock:   b1_the slime

  *mincecore/grindcore* involved labels:

spunk productions sick phoque records infeccio underground gasbagtapes alr
zas autoproduzioni vulgar records
vomi d'porc records vleesklak records

minoRobscuR_b minoRobscuR_B /

fuck on the beach / terlarang - split
lp, lim.390 black / lim.297 orange

audio (mp3):

fuck on the beach: a7_fuck on the beach
terlarang          b07_world needs more love, b11_deceiver

 *grind/crust/fastcore* involved labels:

mono canibal here and now haunted hotel records fucking kill records dead heroes records
zas autoproduzioni wooaaargh
nuclear alcoholocaust

minoRobscuR_F minoRobscuR_F /

flutwacht - 13 jahre krach und stahl
7inch, lim.150, rusted metal cover

audio (mp3): drei (snippet)

 *powerelectronics/noiz* involved labels:the tourette tapes

minoRobscuR_HDSR minoRobscuR_HDSR /
die#3/ms-068/nt-lp 10

hermetic self destruction ritual
- kaos above love below
lp, black, lim.150, patch

golden light of neverending
kaos above love below
i can see it in your dead eyes
night side of eden
silence of gaia
museum of sadness
broken seal
*darkambient/industrial* involved labels: narbentage mask of the slave disease empire

minoRobscuR_KOZA minoRobscuR_KOZA

koza - koza
ep 12inch, black, lim.100

take up the serpent
march of the snails
death rattle
the silent bleed the same
stench of desire

minoRobscuR_N minoRobscuR_N

nest - metempsychosis
lp, orange/brown splatter, lim.313

the corwardice and rashness of courage
gallows of forever
divining by the entrails of sheep
jewel of iniquity
from the darkness in me, illuminate
life's grief
      *doom/sludge* involved labels:

solid choice industries sludgelord records maniyax records cursed monk records aktiver ausstand in plastik

minoRobscuR_Q minoRobscuR_Q

quallus - quallus
lp, black, lim.200

old fear
black despair

minoRobscuR_R minoRobscuR_R /

row of ashes - unbeliever
ep 12inch, black, lim.100

suicide slow motion
configured in rust
death by your word
and so shuts the door
it's hard not to fill yourself with regrets
   *sludge/hardcore* involved labels: truthseeker music principle six

minoRobscuR_S minoRobscuR_S /
bvr019 / cmrlp003 / slr010

shallow grave - threshold between worlds
lp, black

the horrendous abyss
garden of blood and bone
master of cruelty
threshold between worlds
      *doom/sludge* involved labels: sludgelord records cursed monk records black voodoo records

minoRobscuR_SH minoRobscuR_SH /
dc41 / god#8 / sewer-005

slave hands - no more feelings
lp, black, lim.300

misery is the secret to happiness
to sink deep
malignant filth vessel
concrete defeat
trapped inside and left outside
forgotte trail
        *sludge* involved labels: sewer prison gate of deliria dry cough records

minoRobscuR_T minoRobscuR_T /

tides of sulfur - paralysis of reason
lp, black lim.200 / red splatter lim.100

humorless cunt
paralysis of reason
   *doom/death/sludge* involved labels: sludgelord records black voodoo records

minoRobscuR_u minoRobscuR_U /
ace111 / ohm52 4 / pnr016.66 / hode172

inushini - organisierte ruhestörung
7inch, spray-painted/hand-written labels

audio (mp3):

inu1 - verhetzung der jugend
shini2 - ausmärzen

      *breakcore* involved labels from leipzig:

scrotum records phantomnoise records ohm52 alphacute records

minoRobscuR_4gang minoRobscuR_ /

deche-charge/meuh!/cum sock/deflowered cunt
  ~ ~ 4 way gang bang dans marde !!! ~ ~   
7inch, lim.???
 *noiz/grind/noisecore* involved labels:

nuclear alcoholocaust lysergic meltdown keep hope records bringer of gore alr
third eye grind records the scalding house records spunk productions sick phoque records punti scena records