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2018MAY24 minor mailorder offline for a while!

but - why?
most people will already know: the eu will launch new laws and rules to secure the privacy of their fellow folks from may 25th onwards. most of the affected firms already hired a data security officer, made up new disclaimers, and sent out a call to their customers to explain that. unfortunately that also affects the small people with an even more grave impact. apart from that newsletter thing, i can't run my mailorder in the known way unless i provide it with a stable 666% security that your data can't be tracked or stolen by crazy hackers from mars who want to destroy every small label that doesn't release witchhouse and 80s minimal. my shop will be online again, when i've set up a valid disclaimer and some security solutions.
in case you want to order some of my releases or shop stock, browse my discogs list (button below), and send me a message or email to get a little discount, or simply use that platform and pay full.

going shopping

2017NOV19 new minor sevens out!

minor proudly presents Yamaoka from Japan.
two 7inches, available separately, and in a special 2x7inch boxset limited to 50 copies. in stock at minor mailorder!

minor aqua/TECHNO
===> audio snippet: listen!

===> audio snippet: listen!

minor aqua & aura boxset