minor label discography / minor011-minor020
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minor020 minor020
yvat : oar. 3" cdr. special packing. lim.100.

a. oar
b. slusher
c. adrift
d. lash
e. leer

_by black moon
_audio by yvat

minor019 minor019
dubbling crack monster: super famous. cdr. lim.150.

blue jeans babe
oh brother, it's crazy
my lady original
cut so long
ponnie original
little fighter
forward - leave me - backward
flowers and trees
when you scream
minor018 minor018
repetition/distract: not even in sleep. cdr

films of changing light & hue
black moss glove
fake it like a man
i delta slept this whole summer through
pillow fort
ghosts in your train
minor017 minor017
sound_00: flower ep. 3"cdr.

minor016 minor016
chaim nepulu: the holy virgin. cdr.

wonder in heaven________o1
kill kill_______________o2
leise Schritte__________o3
minimal surreal_________o4
friday is a nice day____o7
kosmus novum____________1o
luna part III___________12
minor015 minor015/lt_0001
ergonomic noise organism: space organism. cdr.
re-release of pestbeat's 015 (r.i.p.)


minor014 minor014
A-Core cdr.

death sitcom - mr.t ate my balls
hasengruppe - a-themes under pressure
mimaku spldat - a-time!!!
bernd spring - the a-tv shit mix
society suckers - sounds like another setup
apraphulischer makrocomputer - a-sozial
pork four - nomözi-afpfombe
fragment king - faceman schismogenesis
sinebag - laid In flying pans
herr weber - verschollen in connewitz
tlic - the heroes are gone the friends will follow
skeft - skeftige ba-mix
kid kozmoe - die freude am maschinengewehr putzen
rdr - a-hardbreaks remix
e.stonji - a.treat rmx
brother b! - b!team
tremor - nunina - gaffa gaffa hey
matt demmon - the flight of baracus
dr.combat - hannibal holocaust
lxxxc - ich liebe es, wenn der funk explodiert!
wipeout - soldiers of fortune
mr.X & mr.T - industrial hippies never ask why

minor013 minor013
myna: weltentänzer. cdr, lim. 60.
extra: handmade philosophy-riddle.

minor012 minor012
mandragora: frost session. c-90tape, lim. 51.

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lxxxc/tlic split. 7" vinyl, lim. 300.

alphacute000 lxxxc

4 lil bits
prick up
crowd complain alert

minor011 tlic: reflect

dying in rooms