download the incredible minor muzick!
as Minor doesn't have unlimited server-space the mp3 are just snippets and the sound-quality is very low (mono, max.128kbit)

chaim nepulu - kill kill (minor016)
chaim nepulu - oxydat (minor016)
chaim nepulu - Sorem (minor016)

dubbling crack monster - blue jeans babe (minor019)
dubbling crack monster - forward-leave me-backward (minor019)
dubbling crack monster - flowers and trees (minor019)

ergonomic noise organism - track02 (minor015)
ergonomic noise organism - track07 (minor015)
ergonomic noise organism - track10(minor015)

lxc - studendenfutter (minor023)
lxxxc - 4 lil bits (minor011)
lxxxc - prick up (minor011)
lxxxc - crowd complain alert (minor011)
lxxxc - ich liebe es, wenn der funk explodiert! (minor014)

mandragora - frost (minor012)

mr.X & mr.T - industrial hippies never ask why (minor014)

re-drum/rattus - two leaps (minor021)
re-drum/rattus - planets (minor021)
re-drum/rattus - gone (minor021)

repetition/distract - films of changing light & hue (minor018)
repetition/distract - black moss glove (minor018)
repetition/distract - i delta slept this whole... (minor018)
repetition/distract - pillow fort (minor018)

sound_00 - flower (minor017)

tlic - dying in rooms (minor011)
tlic - research[ed] (minor011)
tlic - the heroes are gone the friends will follow (minor014)

yvat - oar (minor020)
yvat - adrift (minor020)
yvat - leer (minor020)
yvat - violet (minor023)