about minor

when all genres already smelt odd, minor started to track and support the worst of all: electronic underground minor logo music, and called it "noiz" to avoid discussions. tracker music was never regarded as cheap or louzy, it was style, it was a sub-culture.
the first release was a split 12" vinyl release featuring rough, noiseful and uneasy tracker-rhythmcore setting goals and standarts. 100% FT2, done on MSDOS with P100 and P166. releasing many noise, trackercore, ambient & rmx dilemmas on cdr and tape in the following years, supporting friends, musically brilliant lazybones and bigstar wannabes, confirming releases, reserving numbers and never got them released, the 2nd split, an unexpected 7inch vinyl, followed almost 5 years later.
its time was 2006. finally.
to relieve minor from the rough'n'dirty d-i-y-trashcore subculture-touch flopbeatdisks was launched in 2005 for trash'n'core, tracker-nostalgia and cyberpunk.

minor's still electric.