2018sep03 - flop0011 out now

news, sept2016

2016 is a great year for flop beat disks, as there were/are three great releases scheduled: flop0009, a nice clear 7inch came out in spring, so if you didn't get it so far, take your copy now! flop0008 and flop0zfe will be out from oct 1st onwards and will both bring two brave warriors of extreme hard electronix who might already be known to breakcore audiences. memero kills lowbit speedlimits with his set of wild running gameboys (flop0008/cmo-02 split), and zombieflesheater bloodily cuts and breaks the groove (flop0zfe). cyperkid, who had his farewell tracks on a 10inch (flop0005) released only a few years ago, is now honoured with two remixes done by tlic, his 64bit self, and will rest in peace right after.

let's listen to what 2017 will be sounding like, maybe there will be other flop beat disks. maybe not. let's listen.