2018sep03 - flop0011 out now

tracker industrial, accoustic goa, hand-drummed gabba, live-breakz-techno, chemical apprehensively and with pure annoy-the-mainstream quality.
flopbeatdisks supports tracker-software, open-source-music and sample-sharing communities. if you're working with analogue noiz-machine equipment..., that's of course welcomed too.
interested to have a flop-release?
send *.xm, *.mod, *.s3m, *.it, *.wav, *.rns, zip, data, audio on tape, disk, cdr or ask for email-transfer-permission of any small-size data.
don't send reggae, jazz, ambient, metal...there are other labels around for that, and none of them calls its babies "flops".
don't expect reviews in magazines and listings in mailorders, just a working global non-profit trade/distribution network.
d-i-y forever...and don't give up your lifestyle, punk!